Tour Diaries

Director's Tour Diary Day 1: April 9, 1997 - Chicago


Day 1: April 9 - Chicago.

On the Ministry tour bus, deep into the morning of April 10th, actually. The end of my first day on the “Sphinctour.”

I’ve been called by my friend and producing partner Jeffrey, to fly out from LA and begin shooting some scenes of the opening leg of this tour. We are on the band’s home turf, playing the second sold-out date of a two-nighter in Chi-town.


Director's Tour Diary Day 2: April 10, 1996 - Detroit


1996 Sphinctour / FIX director’s diary:


Day 2, April 10 – Detroit

In my Hotel room. It’s not yet midnight…


Director's Tour Diary Day 3: April 10, 1996 - Detroit

End of the first of two nights sold out at the State Theatre. I spent time with an extravagantly high and happy Al tonight, following a self described “No ass went unkicked!” show.

I hadn’t (no-one had) seen him earlier today at sound-check – Then with much dramatic flair, Ministry was fully fleshed in time for Al to switch up the set list, 10 minutes before they took the stage. I’m figuring that the tension this last second song re-sorting creates in the band must be on purpose. Comfort would seem to have no place in a live Ministry gig.


Director's Tour Diary Days 4, and 5, April 12/13 – Detroit and points East.

5 am, on the bus headed east to New York. I’ve begun to feel like I’ve felt before, that the footage I’m getting, of real serious hard rock, the needles and the damage done… will never be seen because of corporate, personal, even legal agendas, which will soon act to censor/prohibit.

But here we have, in Al, a seemingly fearless preacher in the pulpit (he hates that moniker).


Director's Tour Diary Day 6, April 14 – NYC

A long spring day in the big city. It started at an early breakfast with Paul Barker.

Paul was an Army man, and it would seem that their: “get more done by 10am” verve, is still with him. For the rest of the band, it’s more about simply being awake and fed in time for sound-check.